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The LEO coin appeared as a result of a major scandal around the Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange. Initially, it was released as an official Bitfinex cryptocurrency to fill the holes in the company’s budget, but very soon the LEOcoin exchange rate for 2019 attracted investors from all over the world.

In May of this year, they held an initial offer where tokens were distributed. At that time, the LEO course to the dollar was ridiculous, the coins being sold for $ 1. As a result, over 10 days, the company attracted investments worth over $ 10 billion, thus making it the largest IEO in history.

The LEO course to the dollar for today

The exchange agreement regarding the tokens obliges them to redeem a certain amount of coins from the market monthly and “burn” them, sending the profits to the company’s budget. This way the LEO course to the ruble sometimes rises, slightly decreasing after. The LEO exchange rate is also formed by the users. The more active they are, the more expensive the coin is.

The cryptocurrency attracts many people, because the LEOcoin rate for 2020 is growing steadily. When carrying out transactions with this token, the users get discounts on different services: lower fees for transfers and exchanges, as well as other bonuses.

The real-time LEO course to the dollar graph (for today and for the month)

LEOcoin Chart

The online LEOcoin (LEO) rate graph presented above illustrates all the token changes that have occurred for the entire time: how the LEO course to the dollar changed for the current day, for the month, or for any time.

The online real-time LEO course to the dollar graph will help you make an approximate forecast and predict the LEO rate changes for the upcoming days or for the long term. Choosing the required fiat, you can see its current rate. For example, find out the LEO course to the ruble or to the euro, as well as to any other cryptocurrencies.

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