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Having barely entered the market, the NEM cryptocurrency immediately broke all the existing records. In the first days after its launch, the NEM rate soared, and the coin’s capitalization managed to achieve the forth place among the total investments. The NEM exchange rate for 2020 has slightly dropped, and in the present, the cryptocurrency is on the 20th place in the rating.

The NEM coin is part of the 2P2 platform created for developing applications based on the blockchain technologies. The platform allows transactions without intermediaries. The NEM developers were inspired by the bitcoin and decided to launch a platform that will provide an opportunity not only to carry out trades but also to initiate larger projects.

In the present, the NEM course to the dollar is constantly changing, so we suggest you use the converter located at the top of the page to monitor changes in real-time.

The NEM course to the dollar for today

Today, the NEM course to the dollar remains relatively low, but this fact does not affect the interest of the investors. The coin is perceived as a promising investment in the cryptocurrency world. The NEM rate for all time reached its maximum point in mid-2016, but by 2017 it began to drop. The investors took the decline in prices with interest, beginning to actively buy coins.

Many people are interested in the NEM rate to the ruble now, so you can study the NEM rate to the ruble for the current day, as well as see the change dynamics for the whole time on this page.

The NEM rate to the dollar graph in real time (for today and for the month)

NEM Chart

The interactive real-time NEM course to the dollar graph shows how the coin’s value changed at different times. The online NEM course is set in accordance with the user’s preferences. Using the cursor, you can set the time settings and see the NEM rate for the month, for the week, for the current day.

Initially, you will see the NEM rate to the dollar for the current day, but the online NEM rate chart allows you to choose other currencies, including crypts.

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