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The Ontology blockchain project is an official partner of the NEO platform, and the ONT cryptocurrency is a digital token meant for the Ontology global network. The project’s development started in 2017, and initially the main goal of the developers was to create a cryptocurrency, which could be a kind of link between the digital and real worlds.

The idea was to develop a platform that would integrate the blockchain technologies into enterprises not connected to the cryptocurrency area – factories, enterprises, financial and educational institutions easily and “painlessly”. Despite the fact that the project’s development has seriously slowed down, the Ontology course for the current day, for a month or for the near future is of great interest to more than one member of the crypto community.

The Ontology course to the dollar for today

Experts studying the question of the Ontology rate to the dollar rate for 2020 concluded that everything depends on the Chinese government. Since the ONT course is now highly dependent on regulators, and the current bills are slowing down the platform’s development, a similar situation will continue in the future.

You can now find out the ONT course using the exact tool at the top of this page. The calculator displays the ONT course to the dollar for the current day, and it is easy to set other values using a simple setup. The calculator supports almost all existing currencies – both fiat and digital. The ONT course to the ruble or to the bitcoin will be displayed in a couple of clicks on the board.

All data is current, the information is received in real-time and processed continuously. Verified exchanges from around the world are used as a source.

The ONT course to the dollar graph in real time (for today and for the month)

Ontology Chart

If you are interested in more than just the Ontology course to the dollar for the current day, the interactive tool above is at your service. This is an online ONT course chart that stores detailed information including various factors.

The real-time ONT course to the dollar chart also displays the capitalization (at the moment or for the whole time), the detailed trading volume for the past day, for the current day, for the month for the whole time. In addition, the graph displays the last transaction with the selected coin, indicating the exchange and the operation’s time.

Using the settings, you can set the necessary data by changing the ONT rate to the ruble or to other monetary and digital units, determining the time period – for the current day or for the whole time, and you can also determine the necessary data sources (cryptocurrency exchanges), excluding the unnecessary ones. Having received detailed information, anyone will be able to make their own forecast, trying to predict what the ONT course will be for the current day or for the near future.

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