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Tether course for today
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The Tether altcoin was introduced to the world in 2015 and immediately captured the attention of the investors. The Tether course to the dollar varies depending on the exchange rate of the dollar itself because it is the currency that the token focuses on. The developers position their creation as an electronic version of cash.

This is a unique token that combines the characteristics inherent in both cryptocurrencies and ordinary (fiat) money. As a result, according to the predictions of the financial experts, it is Tether that can become an alternative payment instrument.

The Tether forecast remains positive. In light of the active technological development and implementation in the banking sector, it is this cryptocurrency that will replace paper money in the near future. Many cryptocurrency community members think so, thereby fueling interest in the token and making the Tether course to the ruble go up.

Tether course to the dollar for today

Today, the token functions to link fiat money to digital assets. Unlike the Bitcoin, this token does not try to displace paper money, but can rather become a unifying link between electronic and fiat funds.

USDT is just one type of Tether cryptocurrency. This token is tied to the dollar; thus, the Tether course to the dollar for the current day varies depending on the fiat price. There are two more options tied to the euro and the yen, that is EURT and JPYT, but they are less common.

The Tether course for 2020 is published on this page. A detailed value listing with dynamic changes guarantees relevant data at any time of the day.

Tether Chart

Tether course to the dollar graph in real time (for today and for the month)

The Tether online rate chart (USDT) will be useful because it will help you to visually assess all the changes related to the cryptocurrency. Here, the Tether exchange rate to the dollar for the current day, as well as for the month or for the whole time is displayed in the form of an interactive chart. The time interval is an optional amount, each user can independently choose which information and for which period he/she is interested in.

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