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USD Coin course for today
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Being one of a kind, the USD Coin cryptocurrency is a digital-analog of the world’s first fiat currency, i.e. the US dollar. The coin has been newly displaced to the number of existing stablecoins, which means that the USDC exchange rate depends on the dollar fiat.

This coin’s main feature is that the USD Coin course to the dollar for the current day does not depend on the bitcoin’s or other cryptocurrency’s exchange rate. Even the most significant fluctuations in the digital asset exchange rates cannot affect the USDC course changes.

This is a relatively new coin, which appeared in October 2018. The project was a collaboration between the Coinbase and Circle companies. It is known that the basis for the coin was the Ethereum blockchain, and the USDC coin refers to the ERC-20 standard coins.

The developers tried to highlight their coin among other ones, thus today many people are interested in the USD Coin course to the dollar. They limited the ability to sell and buy one coin for one dollar for profit so that the users can only convert it one to one. The USD Coin rate for 2020 and its further changes will show how much this principle will interest the world of digital assets.

USD Coin course to the dollar for today

You can find the exact information using the calculator, which is located on the top of this page. It displays the current USDC course for the current day, but not only to the dollar but also to the ruble and to other fiat currencies. Using the switch, it is easy to set the required ratio and find out the course for the current day.

USDC course to the dollar graph in real-time (for today and for the month)

USD Coin Chart

In order to make a forecast, you will need more detailed information. The USDC online chart published on the top of the page will help you obtain all the necessary data.

Using the setting, you can find out not only the online USD Coin exchange rate for the current day, but also examine the archive data that stores its reliable rate for the entire time. The switch will help you set the time interval to see the course for a month, for a week or its fluctuations during the current day.

The online course chart also contains data on capitalization, detailed information about auctions and other details.

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